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A home inspection can improve your confidence as a buyer, seller, contractor, insurer or real estate agent.

Whole Home Inspections

Condo/Multi Unit $300 (per unit)
$300 (per unit)
Over 4,000 sq ft $0.12/per sq ft
$0.12/per sq ft

Ancillary Services

HomeSaver’s team of certified home inspectors is here to help! Our job when conducting your home inspection is to help you make a more informed decision about the home you’re considering. Our home inspection prices are designed to allow our inspectors the time they need to provide you with the most extensive and informative report possible, while also being competitive in our market to help save you money.

The job of any certified home inspector is to identify potential issues in a home, as well as inform the potential home buyer/seller and their real estate agent, of all the best ways to care for and manage the home if you choose to purchase it.

When buying or selling your home, and searching for the best home inspection prices, any real estate professional will encourage you to hire a certified home inspector. Not only is it a great educational experience for first-time homeowners, but it can save you thousands of dollars in unforeseen repairs.

What can you expect from a home inspection with HomeSaver, PLLC? Our team of home inspection and home maintenance professionals are excited and honored to serve you.

Same Day Reports

The day we inspect is the day you receive your report!*

48 Hour Guarantee

Get scheduled & inspected within 48 hours
of signed pre-inspection contract!

*Unless additional information is needed from client or other sources beyond the inspector’s control.


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