Welcome to HomeSaver PLLC, where we’re thrilled and ready to collaborate with incredible individuals. Becoming a part of our team marks a significant and exciting milestone, regardless of the role you’re seeking. Whether you aspire to be a home inspector or a sales representative, HomeSaver PLLC is the place where you can truly belong. Embrace our HomeSaver family with open arms!

Available Careers

Residential Home Inspector

Job duties include thoroughly evaluating a home and its systems and components, and documenting all findings in a digital report.

Commercial Property Inspector

Job duties include assessing whether a commercial property complies with local laws and has any structural defects or haards.

Sewer Scope Inspector

A sewer scope operator uses a camera to view the insides of the sewer lines to determine if there are any cracks, bellying, damages, clogs, or debris.

Sales Representative

Job duties include visiting real estate offices to establish strong relationships with agents, organizing marketing events, and managing blogs, advertisements,  and social media.

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